Marac Enterprises Inc has been found in 1984 to assist Canadian geophysical and mining companiesin organizing their participation in tradeshows around the world. While developing networking and international presence, Marac Enterprises become a key player in organization, logistics and events management for Earth Science Community worldwide.

Some of events organized by Marac are the annual KEGS Symposium (Canada), exhibition at SAGEEP (USA), every-ten-years conference EXPLORATION*7 starting from 1997, as well as social events at mining exhibitions in Latin America for Ministry of Northern Development and Mines and others. Marac also organizes participation of geophysical and mining exhibitors in EAGE (Europe), SEG (USA), AGU (USA), ASEG (Australia), RoundUP (Canada) and others.

Since 2000 Marac is holding a permanent Executive Director role for Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society covering all logistical, executive and financial functions of the organization.

Marac provides full logistics services for participation in international trade shows, including booking and supervising installation of exhibition space; delegates registration, travel and local accommodation; shipping in and out exhibition goods and materials; organizing marketing events. The world leaders in Geophysical and Geological exploration, and Homeland Security technologies and instrumentations supplies are customers of Marac Enterprises.

Marac Enterprises organizes periodical and special meeting events, such as breakfasts, lunches, networking meetings and corporate events.

Worry-Free Logistical Services for the Earth Science Community